Cogito Ergo Sum: I think therefore I am.

Our founders – who exist to serve a cause


Emelyn Bagatsing

Daughter of a public school teacher, now a certified marketing diva. Ems has one biological son, but she is a loving mother to hundreds of children in Kenya, the Philippines, South Africa and India. Her passion for service stemmed from being a member of cause-related organizations during her university days: Haribon, a formation within the University of the Philippines that caters to environmental causes and Gabriela, a national association aimed at promoting social justice and equality. Now based in Dubai, Ems spearheads Child-centric activities in the city, especially during special occasions, including Christmas, Easter and the UAE National Day. She also leads in conducting breast cancer awareness programs and in mobilizing hundreds of people for a group march every October. Inspired by a close friend who lost her battle against breast cancer, Ems is taking the initiative to advance the cause of breast cancer prevention, detection and treatment.

Since 1995, Ems has been an avid supporter of and donor to Operation Smile, the Red Cross and Child Fund International. Naturally inclined towards safeguarding the welfare of children, Ems supports various orphanages, educational institutions and healthcare facilities for children.

She loves to have coffee partnered with a slice of heaven at the Cheesecake Factory. She can spend hours talking about shoes, bags and fashion accessories. She is a frustrated singer and a great cook.


Charity Doyl

My education: pursued a degree in Veterinary Medicine at the University of the Philippines but after passing out at the sight of blood, I knew it was not my higher calling. Taught myself how to write and become a publisher and in 2008 Women’s Media Group ( rated my publication Northwest Woman Magazine as one the top 3 Local Women’s Magazine’s in the USA.

What’s in my office: tomes on Philippine culture, goddesses, mermaids and signed books by authors who I think are fantabulous.

Pet-peeves: dust, household routines, and deadlines (which in my world is a necessary evil).

Achilles heel: hanging out with my family, spoiling my cat, champagne and decadent desserts

Am a magnet for: friends who are oddballs, nerds, weird or too brilliant for their britches. If you can make me snort or wet my pants from laughing – we’re besties forever.

Am sustained by: a worldwide web of family, friends, publishing colleagues and cases of cheap rose wine during deadlines.

My roots: born and raised in the Philippines and am convinced I was abducted by aliens and transported to Spokane, WA, where I’ve lived for the past 24 years. Being a bibliophile & a writer is apparently genetic (blame it on my great-grandfather Dr. H. Otley Beyer). Being a community servant was ingrained in my grandfather, former Manila Mayor Ramon Bagatsing. Being a strong independent woman, I was inspired by my grandmothers who raised me to be just like them: Zeny Bagatsing, Paz Beyer and Great-grandmother Victoria Mala

Publishing Diva, Media Vixen, Event Goddess, Networking Maven and Kick Butt PR Consultant.


Leo Armamento

Living a life of altruism is not new to Leo, LMSM’s representative in New York, USA. Since his younger days, Leo has been active in socio-civic activities geared towards the empowerment and improvement of the youth. As a young civic leader, Leo helped set up a drug rehabilitation foundation based in Negros Occidental, a province in the Visayan islands of the Philippines. He was also the Chairman and the Federation Vice President of a Philippine Youth Council chapter, a local government entity comprised of young leaders. During his stint with the Council, he successfully implemented resolutions to develop social, moral, spiritual, physical and cultural well-being of his constituents, especially the youth. He also spearheaded the formation of sports leagues, benefit concerts and leadership seminars, among others.

At present, engaged in photography and video production, Leo is continuing his mission through the lens of his camera. He is currently connected with various non-profit organizations, including The Museum of the City of New York, URBAN Stages and HERE Arts Center, to name a few. Leo is a dedicated humanitarian, artist, father, student and a master of audio-visual arts.


Mike Chua

I never had a degree. I hated studying. I hated going to school. But I loved writing. Loved it so much I took a chance in 1996 and got into one of the most creative advertising agencies in the country. Thank God they bought my BS. Since then I’ve handled the biggest local and multinational clients selling their biggest products. And in the process, won a lot of awards for the creative work I’ve done for them. Eighteen years later and I’m still doing what I love most.

But I’m not all work. I also know how to play. I collect toys (yes, I am immature), vinyl records (yes, I’m old school) and other odds and ends. Been happily married for 14 years and we have a thirteen year old son (just him. I think…)

Very creative. Great husband. Fun dad. That’s me. So far.


Robert Bagatsing

Marketing Champion by profession, a firm believer of CSR. A former beneficiary of “Operation Smile” and of a sponsored education. Learned in Manila, formed in Dubai, fortified by Boston, inspired by the world.

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