Philip Kotler’s Marketing 3.0 – Book Review

This book by the highly knowledgeable Philip Kotler focuses on the future of the marketing world, which is important to every business. The main idea he puts across in the book is the importance to pass on the values and mission of your business to the customers. If they understand the meaning and thoughts behind your business, they’ll be more ready to come on board.

It’s not just the customers that can become enthused with this knowledge, but shareholders and employees can also benefit greatly from a true understanding of the goals of your business. Kotler encourages a move from Marketing 2.0 to Marketing 3.0 to keep up with an every changing world. Adaptation is key to a successful business. These days we are looking less at fulfilling consumer needs, and more at examining consumer values. Tapping into these values is an important marketing strategy.

This book will help you to see ahead and plan for the future of your business. It will encourage you look beyond your current strategies, and make you aware, that those techniques that work for you currently, may not be valid in the future. You need to keep ahead of the game. These innovative ideas will help you to do just that, in the best, most productive manner possible. But it will also encourage you not to get complacent, constant adaptation is important, vital in fact!

There is a lot of valuable information in this book, and it’s a good read too, you won’t get too bogged down in it, it’s not hard work to read although some parts do go on a bit, you can forgive the author, he’s obviously very keen on his subject! If you are a business owner, an employee of a business, or just have an interest in marketing, you will find this a useful and interesting text. With fresh ideas, you’ll be inspired and spurred on to adapt and change your marketing strategies to take your business forward in a positive and more pro-active manner, keeping you ahead of your competition. The book finishes with The Ten Credos, a summary of everything that has been explained in the book, a concise list of phrases that should be very valuable to your business. Printing them out and pinning them on the wall could be a very good idea to keep you motivated and inspired!

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