Buy-One, Give-One with SolarPuff

SolarPuff is now available in the Middle East.

The rate of energy consumption these days are alarming to all of us. Why? Every human activity demands power that compromises the conditions of the environment, the climate, the economy and our future. With the high demands of the entire population, different industries resorted to providing everyone cheaper sources of energy from the toxic fuels used to produce them. Now, we are losing different species of animals to extinction and the whole world is suffering from the effects of climate change.

To solve these alarming issues, Alice Min Soo Chun came up with an invention that is not only revolutionary but also, aesthetically pleasing to look at. She founded Solight Design and offered different light solutions for environmentally conscious citizens. The products of Solight Design range from the Solar Inflatable Light to the SolarPuff. For each product purchased, one product is also donated to members of the poor community.

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The SolarPuff has been praised and featured in the MoMa, Modern Museum of Art, the New York Times and most recently, the 2017 German Design Award for Lighting. This product was created to emit zero carbon. Adding to its appeal is its lightweight and adaptable features, with a self-inflating design. No need to worry about running out of breath as you try to blow air into it to inflate it. The SolarPuff has handles where air can be filled inside it in just 2 seconds. As for its battery, it has a Lithium-ion Polymer battery that can be recharged for eight hours using a thin solar panel. When it is fully-charged, you can expect it to provide light for 8 to 12 hours!

By supporting Solight Design, you can help the company fight climate change and poverty. The distribution of the SolarPuff to poor communities gives economic opportunities for the locals. When people patronize the SolarPuff, less energy consumption from fossil fuels and black carbon, which will lead to better health for everyone everywhere. Every purchase of the company’s product makes Solight Design one step closer in achieving its goal to make people use lower carbon emission. The SolarPuff also allows people to have more activities at night, such as studying and socializing with others.


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To help achieve its goals, Lincoln Martin Strategic Marketing has teamed up with Solight Design and became the official distributor of its products in the Middle East. With the same goal to help people in poor communities, Solight Design and Lincoln Martin Strategic Marketing are providing the most efficient solution to the light problems every citizen in the Middle East is facing.

For product inquiries or wholesale order, please contact Ms. Ems, mobile +971 50 4289684 or Email (click here).

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