What I learned In South Africa

Applying the #CANhood business model to create jobs and livelihood in South Africa

Toiling under the heat of the sun, Kim walks with a basket on his back as he sells handcrafted products by the side streets of Cape Town. Offering the fruit of his family’s day-to-day labor to tourists like me, Kim makes an average of USD 100 a month, which is entirely devoted to support his four children, his wife, and siblings. He showed me a variety of souvenir items, from house decors to necklaces.

My trip to the city of Cape Town, South Africa opened my eyes to how other people around the world make a living. Away from the noise of the metropolis, there was Kim’s family, sat around a slightly elevated wooden table, threading beads or chiseling pieces of wood fashioned as a tiny figurines.

With the help of Lincoln Martin Strategic Marketing, Kim and his family was acquainted with new products that can be offered as corporate gift choices to our clients for exhibitions and other events. We initially introduced them to pen holders, USB capsules and photo frames. Then, following a successful product launch, we presented Kim and his family other products that comprise a full range of office supplies.
Within a year from the time Kim and his family began working on office supplies, they have increased their revenue by 500%. Thanks the additional amount that they are generating, all of Kim’s children are now able to go to school, and his family was able to sponsor a deep well for their village.

Kim’s is a success story of the Client+Agency+NGO and Livelihood partnership model. We are on a mission to help small communities around the world using our marketing talents.
Lincoln Martin offers the most unique corporate giveaways from various livelihood projects from Kenya, South Africa, Philippines and Cambodia. Email us to learn more about our corporate gift items ems@lincolnmartin.com.

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